Class of 93 donates tablets to students in need at St. Mary’s College

Past students of the St. Mary’s College have reached out to students at the school who are in need of devices for online studies.

The special presentation took place at the St. Mary’s College last week as students who graduated almost three decades ago, came back to say thanks in a tangible way.

The class of 93 acknowledging the value of the education and grounding that they received at St. Mary’s College showed their gratitude by helping current students who are struggling with online studies.

Principal of St. Mary’s College Don Howell says this is a perfect manifestation of the values taught to students.

Mr. Howell was appreciative of the help from the Class of 93 –and drew

attention to other needs of some students whose parents are facing trying times as a result of Covid-19.

The students were grateful to the class of 93 for their kind consideration of disadvantaged students.

Celestine Laurent of the Class of 93 has promised to return with even more support during this school year.
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