St. Lucia giving broad support to IICA’s strategy for COVID pandemic

The Special Advisory Commission on Management Issues (SACMI), a special mechanism that advises the General Directorate of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) and is comprised of nine member countries, expressed broad, unanimous support for the hemispheric agency’s strategy to overcome the challenges of the pandemic.

Among other things, the Institute is strengthening actions to support its member countries as well as implementing austerity and flexibility measures across all of its operations.

The Commission recognized the improvements that IICA has proactively implemented in a short amount of time, highlighting the quantity and quality of technical cooperation actions carried out.

Delegations from the ministries and secretariats of Agriculture of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Nicaragua, Saint Lucia and the United States participated in the annual SACMI meeting, which, on this occasion, was held via videoconference.

Of the nine member countries sitting on the Commission, six are permanent members and three are members selected on a rotating basis.