Wednesday , 2 September 2015
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St. Lucia must own Hot Couture and tell the world about it
A model making a statement for designer Robert Young

St. Lucia must own Hot Couture and tell the world about it

Fashion writer and consultant Shala Monroque

Fashion writer and consultant Shala Monroque

Fashion consultant and critique, St. Lucian Shala Monroque had her very first experience at St. Lucia’s Hot Couture as specially invited guest of honor for the second edition of the fashion event.

This year’s Hot Couture which is a signature event on the calendar for St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival was held at a new venue, the Johnson’s Centre at Rodney Bay, just about a mile away from the main stage of the island’s premier cultural event.

“It was really impressive, the girls were beautiful. They really had charisma which you don’t see a lot on the international stage, and I really liked that. Pretty much all of the designers were amazing. I was really pleasantly surprised to see how much talent we have here” said Monroque after the sophomore edition was successfully wrapped up.

Monroque who has pledged to purchase a few pieces herself was pleased with the depth and range of clothes that were showcased by the designers. She said sometimes you need fanfare and music to make clothes look good, but what was on show at Hot Couture 2014 stood out on its own.

Ms. Monroque now wants to see international press invited to tell the story of the models, designers and especially the new talent discovered at St. Lucia’s Hot Couture.

The fashion consultant also believes fashion designing and Hot Couture should be ‘owned’ by all St. Lucians suggesting free shows as one way of getting the wider community to appreciate the event. She says this will also serve as a platform and inspiration for young designers who may not be able to afford to come to the Johnson’s Centre.

Ms. Monroque also wants organisers to invite international buyers to their event and make greater use of social media in promoting St. Lucia’s Hot Couture and the region’s fashion industry.

Shala Monroque serves as fashion consultant for the Prada brand, hosting several ‘Miu Miu Musings,’ informal group conversations on fashion. Shala works as a freelance art consultant and writer, contributing to publications such as American Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. She also runs her own blog, ‘Shala’s Rabbit Hole.’

A favorite with street-style photographers, Monroque has been featured in Japanese Vogue, Chicago Society Magazine and New York Magazine and acts as a model for Net-A-Porter online magazine.


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