1st National Bank holds historic virtual education forum

The first ever Stanley French Education Forum was held this week with sponsor, participants and audience hailing it an historic event.

The Forum which is organized and sponsored by 1st National Bank is held as a publicly attended event annually. However, with COVID-19 restrictions in place, the Bank had to create an alternative approach to the event by making it a hybrid virtual forum with live broadcast on television with a panelists and small studio audience and participation via Facebook and Whatsapp.

The Forum held under the theme WEALTH OF WISDOM, brought together some of the countries most iconic Business Leaders and Innovators including, Sir Michael Chastanet, Dr Charmaine Gardner, Maher Chreiki, Ronald Ramjattan, Debra Tobierre, Dr Romel Danial, Lyton Lamontage and Rayneau Gajadhar.

During the Forum the panelists discussed the importance of succession planning in maintaining the legacy of business establishments, with one of the participants, Sir Michael Chastanet, lamenting the fact that the country had seen how some very successful local businesses have either ceased to exist or have been significantly diminished because of the absence of proper succession planning.

The CEO of Baron Foods Ronald Ramjattan also noted that in family run businesses succession planning need not be restricted to family members only but can include loyal and competent employees who have a proven track record.

Managing Director of 1st National Bank has been overwhelmed by the level of interest in the education forum this year.