1st National Bank relief package during unprecedented disruption

1st National Bank has provided details of its COVID-19 relief package available on request by customers adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Details of our relief package is outlined below:

  • Moratorium on loan repayments for up to six (6) months on all loans including mortgages
  • Automatic waiver on late fees on loan repayments for six (6) months
  • Automatic waiver on late and over the limit fees on credit cards for six (6) months
  • Temporary increase in credit card limit
  • Waiver on over the limit fees on overdrawn current accounts
  • Temporary increase in overdraft limit
  • Temporary revolving or working capital financing options for Corporate and Medium Small Micro Enterprises (MSME) clients
  • Debt restructuring
  • Waiver of set-up fees for new point of sale (POS) terminals
  • Waiver of 50% of monthly rental fees for point of sale (POS) terminals

Note: there are no fee adjustments to the ATM and E-banking services which include Online Banking and Mobile Banking as these remain free for your convenience.