Abundant harvest of Taiwanese banana variety in Saint Lucia

To overcome the global climate change and enhance the income of the banana industry, Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM) and Banana Productivity Improvement Project (BPIP) introduced a new dwarf variety of Taiwanese banana ‘Tai-Chiao No.2’ in 2019.

These bananas were planted at six demonstration farms as Fond Estate, Union, Ranju Lands, Roseau, Troumasse and Woodlands in Saint Lucia.

The trail of ‘Tai-Chiao No.2’ has produced its

first harvest in January 2020. The Taiwan Technical Mission will compare the fruit yield, quality, and the taste preferred by consumers between ‘Tai-Chiao No.2’ and the local banana variety. With this survey, TTM and BPIP hope to find a more suitable banana variety for farmers that will benefit the local banana industry.