Air Antilles broadens reach and collaborations

Air Antilles which inaugurated its service to St. Lucia in 2014 is expanding its reach to include Barbados and Dominica.

The airline is offering six flights per week.

The company is owned by private shareholders who have a particular interest in the Caribbean region. Their objective is to develop new opportunities for people and businesses in the islands.

Prior to Covid-19 the airline generated up to US $84M in revenue for the year. It employs approximately 300 staff. Last year it flew 500,000 passengers to 28 destinations.

Air Antilles operates a fleet of 15 modern aircraft.

Air Antilles has established strong partnerships with Air France and Corsair on one side (to bring European passengers), and Winair and Air Caraïbes on the flip side (for local traffic or USA connections).

There is a relationship with LIAT and WINAIR as part of Caribsky Alliance.