An online boost for black business

In 2020 with the rising of the black lives matter movement, the need to support black business owners became increasingly evident. The ability to invoke change and social justice in a socially divided nation is thought by many economical strategists to be highly probable through the economical choices that consumers make.

St. Lucian Vaughn Constable’s new online directory and web application is aimed to cultivate a dynamic and sustainable consumer relationship by uniting black business owners with consumers who support or would like to support them. “www. will become the ultimate, universal, one-stop source, where consumers can find products or services by black business owners anywhere, anytime.” Vaughn said, is the mission of Boost Black Business.

Boost Black Business will be officially launched alongside BODY By Twist on May 8th, 2021.
The BOOST BLACK BUSINESS POP-Up Shop Series 2021 will highlight black business owners aiming to market and promote their products and services in cities across America. Stay tuned for Pop-up dates in cities near you. For listings, advertisements, and vendor opportunities, visit: