Bank of Saint Lucia continues to support the Nobel Laureate Festival

Bank of Saint Lucia has once again thrown its full support behind the Nobel Laureate Festival now into its 27th year.

The festival honours the achievements of Nobel Laureates Sir William Arthur Lewis and Sir Derek Alton Walcott.   

This year, the series of events are held under the theme “Celebrating Excellence: Vision 2020.” 

At a press launch held earlier in January, Deputy Managing Director of Bank of Saint Lucia responsible for Lending and Investments, Mr. Medford Francis articulated that, “the achievement of our Nobel Laureates is a clear testament to our potential and showcasing their work as we are doing through the commendable initiatives by the Nobel Laureate Committee, goes a long way in building the confidence of our nation.”

At the annual Sir Arthur Lewis Memorial Lecture held on Thursday, January 23, Governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB), Timothy Antoine, delivered a passionate lecture on ‘Socio-economic Transformation by Invitation and Innovation’.

Managing Director, Dr. Bernard La Corbinière in his remarks explained that, “we are proud as an indigenous institution and, to support the honoring of the legacy of Sir Arthur Lewis.”