Bankers Association: members are taking precautionary steps

The Bankers Association of Saint Lucia has been monitoring the global and regional developments as it relates to the novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) and we continue to do so with heightened awareness following the announcement of Saint Lucia’s first COVID 19 case on Friday March 13th, 2020. 

We wish to reassure customers that all our Members have taken precautionary steps to protect our staff and customers, from inadvertently contracting and or spreading the virus, as they deliver and access banking services throughout the island. 

The Banks have enhanced their internal cleaning protocol and have made the required sanitary provisions at each bank. 

Our staff are asked to take regular breaks to wash their hands; this new practice may slightly impact the speed with which service is delivered especially on the teller lines but we want to assure the public that these measures were implemented for the protection of our citizenry.

We therefore take this opportunity to encourage our customers to adopt the following practices if not already being done:  Avoid crowds and reduce the time spent in the Banks by making use of your Bank’s online and mobile banking platforms. 

In light of the ongoing concerns surrounding COVID-19 and mindful of public advisories issued by the Department of Health and Wellness, The Bankers Association of St. Lucia is encouraging the banking public to take all necessary precautions to minimise their risk of contracting and spreading the virus. 

Extracted from Statement from Bankers Association of Saint Lucia