Barbers, Beauty Salon and Spa operators asked to be patient

The Hair, Beauty & Spa Professional Association (Saint Lucia) Inc has told its members that all Spas, Barbers and Beauty Salons are to remain closed under the current State of Emergency.

Members have been informed that operating at this time is in violation of the SoE, and will be subject to reprimand from Law Officials.

The Association has assured its members that the Ministry of Commerce and Bureau of Standards will continue to work closely with them towards the long term development of the sector and to develop new COVID-19 PROTOCOLS.

Members are anxiously awaiting the recommencement of normal operations as early as possible.

It is anticipated that there could be a phased re-opening from June 1st, but that will be determined by health officials.

The Association is in the meantime asking members for continued patience, understanding and cooperation “as we all must do our part towards protecting our wellbeing and our health”.