Big plans for next farmers market October 13th at Vigie Playing Field

The Taiwan Technical Mission together with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Physical Planning, Natural Resources and Co-operatives hosted its second Farmer’s Market under the project; project for the enhancing the efficiency of production-distribution supply chain in fruit and vegetable sector in Saint Lucia.

The Farmer’s Market began at 9:00a.m. at the Old Micoud Playing Field and ended at around 3:00p.m. on 4th September.

With around 250 – 285 participants present at the event; the Taiwan Technical Mission Team was able to bring awareness about the project which was the main goal of the day. Patrons were educated on ways to produce unique products made from 100% locally grown fruits and vegetables.

The next farmers market will be held at the Vigie Playing Field on Sunday 13th October. Please come out and support our local farmers and receive some free samples of their value-added goods.