Cable & Wireless free data, connectivity, water and medical supplies to St. Vincent

As a first matter of safety, the company evacuated 55 persons including 11 employees and their families into the green zone after the La Soufriere Volcano erupted in St. Vincent.

Further, employees are being provided with water, food, masks, safety glasses, medical needs and beds, as well as additional relief supplies.

Given the impact of the crisis and the critical need for individuals to stay connected with friends and loved ones, the company provided the following:

  • A $5 Mobile Top Up emergency credit to all our mobile prepaid customers on Thursday 8, April 2021 so that they could have the credit needed to stay connected to family and friends.
  • Allocated 1 gigabit (GB) of data free of cost to each account for the period April 9 to 11.
  • Allowed customers topping up online to get an additional 3GBs of data and 90 minutes for local on network calls and international calls.
  • Suspended late fees for all customers – this was done across the board no matter the location of the customer.
  • Suspended billing where customers have evacuated their homes or businesses.

So far, the CWCF has shipped almost 20,000 litres of water, which will help support 750 families, as well as 400 beds and linens to the island to meet the need in local shelters. Several NGOs are also arriving on the island to assist with relief efforts and the company has provided free devices and data connectivity to support them. Individuals or organizations wishing to provide assistance please consider making a donation at: