Calabash TV’s coverage of the December Festivals

Calabash TV will provide extended coverage of the December Festivals organised by the Cultural Development Foundation.

It will start from this week with the 2019 Lantern Competition, focusing on workshops and the training of contestants as they prepare for the big showdown on December 7th at the National Cultural Centre. The lanterns will also be displayed at the Festival of Lights ceremony on December 12th.

The Festival of Carols is likely to take place the first week of December with the Festival of Lights ceremony on December 12th at the Derek Walcott Square, under the theme “A Kweyol Christmas”.

CTV will also air specials in November for St. Cecilia’s Day. A special feature is in the works on Levern Spencer’s first return to St. Lucia since winning Panam Gold in High Jump. She is now a Goodwill Ambassador for the St. Lucia Hotels and Tourism Association.

Sculptor Jallim Eudovic will also be featured during the month of November – he is the creator of the All In sculpture at the round- about near Government Buildings. Jallim is headed to China where has been involved in a public arts project commissioned by the Government of China since 2008.

CTV will also host a discussion on the Dennery Segment – St Lucia’s breakout music genre.