Cameron Bellamy – first person to swim from Barbados to St. Lucia

South African endurance athlete Cameron Bellamy has made history by swimming unaided from Barbados to St. Lucia. He left the shores of Barbados 8:30 Friday morning, September 13th and touched land in St. Lucia about 4:43pm Sunday afternoon, September 15th 2019.

Bellamy spent over 56 hours mainly in the Atlantic Ocean in his quest to become the first human being to swim, what the Marathon Swimming Federation is likely to endorse as the longest channel swim ever.

He was due to swim into Sandy Beach for an official welcome but strong currents at the mouth of the bay just of Maria Island forced Cameron off course and around the Moule-a-Chique Peninsula. Landfall was planned in the next available bay but he opted for the first bit of jutting land for the end of the historic swim.

On the advice of medics the exhausted swimmer was rushed to Tapion Hospital for a medical checkup where he is to remain for a short while under observation.

View end of the marathon swim here