“Can’t I just call for a technician to come in?”

A new administrative assistant has joined your printing production company and is responsible for ensuring that the equipment always has supplies and paper. One of the drums has depleted on your most used machine, so they decide to change it, using a pen to lift the switch, because they can’t comfortably hold it.

You walk up to find them using a pen to help remove the drum and accidentally scratching it. Now your prints are giving you grey lines on the pages.

You don’t have an FSMA or Full-Service Maintenance Agreement; therefore, you ask them to call for a replacement drum and a technician to come to check and service the machine.

You’ve realized that you have to now PAY for a technician to come in to help rectify your issue, you now have to purchase a new drum cartridge to be back up and running, and it might take a few days before a technician can come in. This has cost time, money and caused a dent in your companies’ workflow.

You’re ready to sign that FSMA agreement, but first, let’s talk about what’s not covered.

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