Caribbean Awning staff undergo yearly training

Caribbean Awning over the past twenty years has continually trained their staff in various areas. Training is internal and external, and varies depending on the needs of staff.

In 2020, training was done on Project Management by Mrs Betty Combie of MOZ Inc.

Members were able to gain knowledge in a more comprehensive manner of developing projects as it pertains to ISO 21500:2012 to include the areas of Integration, Stakeholders, The Scope, Resources Time, Cost, Risk, Quality, Procurement and Communication.

Mrs Combie brought to attention the seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey which is a book worth reading. These seven habits pertain to being proactive, beginning with the end in Mind, put first things first, Think Win/Win, seek first to Understand and then be understood, and synergize.

The second was a workshop presented by Alex Morgan Sgt 636 of the Royal St. Lucia Police Force. The workshop was based on PERSONAL SAFETY AND SECURITY.