Caribbean Beekeeping Congress held in St. Lucia this week

The 10th Caribbean Beekeeping Congress was launched last night in St. Lucia with an official ceremony addressed by senior government officials. It’s been organised by the Association of Caribbean Beekeepers’ Organisations.

The weeklong conference which is being held virtually features presentations from scientists, conservationists, beekeepers and entrepreneurs.

The key presenters include Dr Valma Jessamy, a committed scientist who has authored many articles on the subject of beekeeping.

The conference will also feature Jose Louies is a wildlife conservationist and passionate beekeeper from India and Dr. Benjamin Poirot, a beekeeping expert and trainer from France.

Jennifer Holmes of the USA will also join the conference. She is the President of the Florida State Beekeepers Association.

Expert beekeeper and Queen Rearer John Fredrick of Saint Lucia and his colleagues at Iyanola Apiculture Collective will give guests a feel for their craft and how their bees thrive in St Lucia.