Caribbean Business Report for 1st February 2021 – The business end of Covid-19

Good day and many thanks for your interest in the Caribbean Business Report [PDF is attached] – it can also be downloaded at or you can read the reports on the CalabashTV Facebook page.


Things are getting grim – we have a high-octane increase in Covid-19 community spread and a worrying increase in deaths. It is obvious that we continue to disregard protocols -maybe that is how we are programmed as humans. But this can’t work -or else, everything will collapse – our health, our healthcare system, the economy and our livelihoods.

The authorities – who have access to the data need to put ALL OPTIONS on the table. We can’t keep our heads buried in the sand forever. 

Shutting windows and doors will not help if air vents remain open, during an invasion of locusts! Only a complete lockdown and shutdown will check the slide into the unknown.

In the meantime, here are this week’s main stories..

  • Saint Lucia continues under existing Covid-19 Prevention and Control Protocols
  • PM expected to address the nation on COVID-19 response
  • Barrel concessions extended to March 31st
  • Gilroy Pultie appointed LUCELEC Chief Engineer
  • J.E. Bergasse & Company Ltd. appoints Customer Care Team
  • Caribbean economist gives talk on the curse of small economies
  • Is tourism worth the risk right now?
  • Montserrat launches remote worker programme
  • Entrepreneurs invited to participate in BOOST National Idea Pitch Competition
  • Guidelines on handling Covid-19 for destination weddings
  • R & B singer to visit Saint Lucia to promote the Caribbean
  • PM Chastanet talks Ocean Economy at Davos
  • Medical and Dental Association recommends shutdown
  • Piton Management Area celebrated in February – Restoring the Pride
  • St Lucia and the UK partner in New Climate Change Coalition
  • Antigua $5000 penalty for businesses that ignore protocols
  • Former Guyana Power Company CEO heading to NEVLEC
  • Development work at its peak in Dominica
  • St. Vincent launches 1st cannabis pharmacy
  • Antigua to impose tax on online purchases
  • St. Kitts committee to look at street vending 

Do have a productive and safe week. 
Bernard Fanis