Caribbean Business Report for 2nd December 2019

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First congratulations to Kimani Melius and the Emerging Players – that West Indies Cricket put together to provide some exposure to the next generation of cricketers and viola they are the CHAMPIONS of the One Day tournament. St. Lucia’s Kimani is the Vice-captain – and in January will captain the West Indies Under-19 team. That must make Mr. Hollis Bristol extremely proud! 
And the Under 15 cricket team will be in action from December 10th – coached by John Eugene and captained by Khan Elcock of the Leon Hess Comprehensive School. He is also a product of the same grassroots programme that gave Kimani his start.
Yet another edition of the Taiwan-St. Lucia Trade Exposition has ended – Calabash TV was there and has started profile some of the entrepreneurs. Keep monitoring the Calabash TV on YouTube for those and other video, including the open house at the Turf Club.  Congratulations to Karen Peter – re-elected Chamber President –here is her full address – The Prime Minister also made some comments at the forum
Other presentations will be uploaded soon.
The 2019 Mango Bowl concluded yesterday. We will have a full report on Calabash TV this week and will be uploaded to YouTube as well.
In the meantime here are this week’s headlines

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