Caribbean Business Report for 30th March 2020

Good day and many thanks for your interest in the Caribbean Business Report as the entire region is being put on varying stages of a shutdown due to the spread of COVID-19. The report can be viewed here or download attached PDF or read right here


Just a few words as we continue to experience a partial shutdown. If there is no reason to be out of your home or office, then limit your exposure to public contact. Our curfew starts from 8:00pm nightly – in St. Kitts and Grenada it starts from 7:00pm.
We already have 1 community spread -a 74 year old with no travel history so that means – the virus is in circulation. There are many people still entering the borders illegally. That should be extremely worrying at this time.
Large and small businesses, ours included are all affected. Tonight on Calabash TV I speak with business man Everiste Jn Marie who says his business has gone down by 60 percent. There are those that are already down 100 percent. Tune at 8:00pm for that interview.
Also we cannot stress how much you need to sanitize, sanitize, sanitize. Well St. Lucia Distillers has come up with Alcosan – affordable, available everywhere. Here is the report Alcosan homemade sanitizer
And of course there is no need to worry about supermarkets and shop being fully stocked. No need to rush -pace it out – here is an assurance from Peter and Company Distribution. PCD well stocked with 22 distribution vehicles 
This week’s headlines:

  • PM: Priority 1, 2, 3 – resolve corona; economic stimulation details next week
  • Saint Lucia records five new cases of COVID-19
  • St. Lucia Distillers donates Alcosan sanitizer to elderly homes and hospital
  • PCD: commits to keeping supermarkets, stores and shops well stocked
  • Sagicor: additional measures to assist clients curing COVID-19
  • Coronavirus should redirect attention to food security
  • Jannou Credit Union closed until further notice
  • Banks are closed this week. Services offered online
  • Republic Bank COVID-19 Care Package
  • Caribbean song writing camp concluded successfully in Martinique
  • World Bank: US$11.9M for Telecommunications in the Eastern Caribbean
  • St. Lucia Youth Business Trust delivers programs virtually
  • St. Kitts PM imposes state of emergency
  • Caribbean future not so bright for oil and gas
  • St. Kitts stimulus package
  • Grenada’s state of emergency
  • Antigua port remains open for business
  • Martinique reports 15 new cases in 24 hrs
  • Major cruise lines could be left out of US bailout
  • Cruise ship extend sailing suspensions
  • Jamaica announces financial assistance programme
  • Trinidad government announces $1billion COVID-19 package

Stay safe St. Lucia. 

Bernard Fanis