Caribbean Digital Transformation Project’s first Virtual Mission for St. Lucia

The Government of St. Lucia has continued its collaboration with the World Bank in the implementation of the Caribbean Digital Transformation Project.

This project aims to deliver a dynamic, inclusive and safe digital economy requiring a comprehensive ecosystem approach which simultaneously builds on several interlocking foundations namely the: Digital Infrastructure, Digital Platforms, Digital Financial Services, Digital Skills, and Digital Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Director of the National Competitiveness and Productivity Council (NCPC) Fiona Hinkson, said the appraisal mission provided the opportunity for St. Lucia to incorporate activities into the project that will further support the island’s recovery post COVID-19, whilst strengthening the digital infrastructure in-county and at the regional level.

In 2019 the Government of St. Lucia approved the implementation of the DigiGov project which aims to deliver 164 government services via an online platform. Spearheading this project is the Director of Public Sector Modernization, Marlon Narcisse.

He said the DigiGov project has gained great relevance with government having to shut many of its revenue-generating offices during this pandemic. Opportunities for e-learning and for citizens to interact with government online and vice versa have made the DigiGov project all the more relevant during this COVID-19 pandemic.