Caribbean Export helps artistes leverage digital music industry

The Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export) since 2017 has worked with Business Support Organisations (BSOs) specifically the Coalition on Services Industries (CSIs) from across the region to enable those involved in the music industry to participate in BOM sessions via the online self-learning platform, and face to face workshops.  

A new dimension to this training was the instructor led webinars. Over 120 people have participated in these initiatives thus far and most recently, the Agency held a two-day workshop in collaboration with COSCAP (Copyright Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers Inc.) and the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) and the ‘knowledge company’ Music Ally Ltd in Barbados.

The workshop welcomed twenty-three (23) participants from nine Caribbean countries who gained insight on topics such as the mystery of YouTube’s algorithm and how to optimise it; how to develop a lean and mean online campaign; how to leverage tools such as Chartmetric amongst others.  Participants also performed digital health checks to get a better understanding of how they or their artists are viewed online and increase their understanding of how their music can be discovered.

One participant from Saint Lucia Akeem Anderson, artist and producer from Onel Sound Productions summed up his experience, “The information that they’ve disseminated is going to allow us to maximise our resources however limited or expansive that they may be in to reaching not just a regional audience but also an international audience and getting the revenue we desire for our work and our intellectual property”.