Castries Mayor supports development of cannabis industry

Mayor of Castries, Peterson D. Francis has endorsed the safe and fair decriminalization and legalization of cannabis in Saint Lucia after being informed about all aspects of the proposed Saint Lucia Cannabis industry.

The information was presented by representatives of the Herbal Cooperative, the Cannabis Movement and the Iyanola Council for the Advancement of Rastafari.

Speaking at the meeting during which the presentation was made, Mayor Francis said that a strong, public health-focused regulatory framework is needed for a smooth transition into a new cannabis industry.

“There should be empowerment at a Government level to prevent corporate greed, foster small businesses and meet the demands. Emphasis should also be placed on the need to ensure that any marijuana industry in Saint Lucia rights the wrongs of the past and promotes economic opportunity for all”.

Mayor Francis however believes that young people need to be protected.

“That is where legislation comes in. We must do everything we can to protect our young people, and educate all Saint Lucians about marijuana use,” he explained.