CGTI: meeting pandemic challenges with online success

Perhaps no small company in the region was better prepared to meet the unknowns of Covid-19 than Saint Lucia’s Caribbean Governance Training Institute (CGTI), the gold standard bearer for governance training in the region.

In the spirit of Churchill, oft-quoted in this year of Covid-19, the Caribbean Governance Training Institute took a hard look at the potential future for their highly specialist product, and decided they would “never let a good crisis go to waste”.

The result was a change in strategy that was researched, discussed, approved and implemented with such speed and efficiency. It allowed CGTI to start presenting a unique series of pandemic-themed webinars in June, dealing with questions and topics not yet being asked at the highest levels of organisations and governments.

Lisa Charles and staff

Saint Lucia-based CEO, Lisa Charles is quick to attribute the speed at which CGTI established its “temporary” new path to the team members who instigated the paradigm shift.

Before Covid-19 hit the global brakes on business, some of CGTI’s more-than-satisfied clients included the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, Sandals International, and the Governments of Antigua & Barbuda and Saint Lucia.