Chamber members discuss re-opening cautiously and safely

The St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce has hosted a webinar for its members on “Ensuring health and Safety in the New Workplace”

The June 18th symposium provided members with information on scientifically tested and proven approaches to successfully mainstreaming health and safety considerations as they operate in the new Covid-19 environment. 

Experts used the interactive and informative to focus on (1) Cleaning and sanitization protocols, (2) Airquality protection (3) Utilizing service
excellence to secure customer and employee health.

The subject of “cleaning and sanitization protocols” was led by  Lewis Industries while H&L Environmental Services Ltd. addressed the subject of environmental controls for protection against air contaminants  in the workplace.

The symposium concluded with a presentation and discussion led by Incognito on securing customers’ and employees’ health through service excellence. 

Chamber members who missed the session can request recordings from the Chamber of Commerce.