Chamber talks crime and disaster preparedness at QGM

The St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce held its Quarterly General Meeting on 26th September and it provided members an opportunity to be updated on the work of the Chamber, the Law and Order situation on the island and a cautionary note from NEMO.

President of the Chamber reminded members of the ongoing work of the Chamber in the areas of Advocacy, Business Education, Networking and Promotion of members businesses.

The President also announced a new date for the 2019 Business awards as November 9th, 2019 and the 2019 Annual General Meeting will be held on the 27th of November, 2019.

Reporting on behalf of the Police, Ms. Charon Gardner-Hippolyte from the Performance Management and Delivery Unit of the Government of Saint Lucia was introduced by Assistant Commissioner of Police George Nicholas, who serves on the Chamber Law and Order Committee who spoke briefly about the need for all of society to get involved in ensuring a positive state of Law and Order in the country.

Ms. Gardner went on to outline the targets set by Government that envisions that by 2020 the following will be achieved: a 45% reduction in serious crime; 100% clearance of criminal court backlog and a 30% reduction in recidivism. She also revealed the strategies to be employed to achieve these statistics and called for the private sector’s support for the Police and the Government in this effort. Among the strategies mentioned are (1) Police Omnipresence, (2) Safe City: CCTV Programme, (3) Strengthen Community Policing (Only by building networks/community ties can crime be addressed).