Chamber’s Covid-19 Survey – essential reading for policymakers and businesses

The Chamber has concluded its second Covid-19 impact survey. The survey was divided into key areas to assess the impact of Covid-19 on Business, employment levels, employment decisions, business operations and perspective on the handling of the pandemic. 

The survey results are presented with minimal editorializing to allow the reader to interpret for themselves. 

The survey in our view provides valuable indicative information, not just for government policy makers, but business people who are keen to get a sense of the emerging business and economic environment. The Chamber on its part welcomes feedback from one and all and intends to conduct another survey to assess business performance and sentiment. 

Members are encouraged to participate in these surveys as the greater the level of participation, the more reflective the results are of our membership and overall business performance in St. Lucia.

In one set of results: 28.2% of respondents said they never stopped operations during the pandemic. 51.3% stopped operations temporarily but are back in operation. 

5.1% stopped operating but expected to be back in operation by July. Another 5.1% have stopped operations permanently. 

The others (10.3%) were hoping to be back in operation at some time in the future (dependent on the reopening of the tourism sector).

Read the full survey results here