Chef Nina Compton hosts trip to India in 2020

James Beard Award-winning New Orleans chef Nina Compton is to embark on an epic 12-day voyage through India.

A press release issued promises an exploration of ancient temples, bustling bazaars, audacious megacities and tranquil jungle outposts.

The group will also seek out spices and wildlife, weave through regional cultures and cuisine, and connect with local artisans and chefs. Each day of the trip is an unforgettable adventure—together, the group will get the India experience of a lifetime.

A native of St. Lucia, Nina moved to New Orleans and was stricken by the meld of culture and cuisine. This in turn got her interested in her own background and how heritage influences flavor. She’s excited to explore the spices of India which had a hand in defining Caribbean dishes.

The trip is designed to visit local ancient spice markets, tour historic sites like a 15th-century fortress and the world’s busiest train station.

The group will also dig into local life, eating dinner with a family in their home and explore wildlife by safari at a family-run wilderness camp.

The trip will cover three Indian states, around the country, from city to desert and coast to jungle.