CHTA urges major tour operator to settle its debts to Caribbean hotels

The Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA) is calling on one of the world’s largest leisure, travel and tourism companies, TUI Group (Touristik Union International), to reimburse Caribbean hotels and resorts for services received.

Last April, CHTA appealed for a response from those tour operators which had failed to reimburse hotels for first quarter (Q1) stays by travelers who had made their payments to the tour operators well in advance of their travel.

“Most tour operators honored their obligations, and we’ve been pleased to see that a number of those who had delayed reimbursements have settled since our appeal in April,” said Frank Comito, CHTA’s CEO and Director General.

“But millions of dollars in reimbursements remain obligated and are jeopardizing the hoteliers’ survival and ability to meet obligations, like taxes and labor expenses, because of the holdout by TUI and several other tour operators.”

The CHTA chief executive also described efforts by TUI to advance amendments to payment terms for future contracts – which are even more onerous for hoteliers – and would be tied to receiving the Q1 payments that are contractually owed, as “unreasonable and untenable”.