Digicel and Dramacan GoLoud with two new podcasts

Digicel has collaborated with local drama club, Dramacan to create and produce two podcasts that will be available on GoLoud and PlayGo.

Both apps can be downloaded free from the Google Play and Apple app stores, and offer users access to great local and international content.

GoLoud is the ultimate audio experience with the best in local radio and podcasts, while PlayGo offers users the best sports, movies, news and local shows live, from any device, or on the go.

The podcasts Dah Eh Tru and Improvise This are set to launch this August and will have five pilot episodeseach.

Digicel has committed EC$19,000 to Dramacan in order to assist with production costs. As a performance and production company, they are focused on promoting drama on all levels and produce creative content spanning live theatre, film commercials and events.

This marks Dramacan’s second content partnership with Digicel as the club also has a play called Gwo Pwel Rehabilitation Centre available in the PlayGo app.