Digicel gives customers a better way to enjoy data

Digicel is giving customers a better way to enjoy data by removing Pay-As-You-Go data in keeping with the promise of being transparent – with no hidden charges, no tricky terms and conditions and no leaving customers hanging. Pay-As-You-Go data, otherwise known as Pay Go, refers to paying per MB for data consumption outside of a Digicel Prime Bundle or plan.

John Mangos, Digicel Group – Regional CEO West Indies Region said, “We’re putting customers back in control of their digital life, we don’t ever want them to feel confused or as though they’ve been duped, so last October we started with our customer promises and simple, easy-to-understand offerings like the Digicel Prime Bundles”.

Mr. Mangos went on to ad that “Now we’re continuing to streamline things by removing Pay Go. All Digicel Prime Bundles are now VAT inclusive, so customers know exactly how much to pay and what value they’re getting for that money. And, with the MyDigicel app, they can keep track of all their accounts and every cent spent or MB of data used.”

With the removal of Pay Go, Digicel is simply giving customers a better way to enjoy data, since they can now activate a Digicel Prime Bundle and always have data on-the-go with an abundance of any use data, along with dedicated data allotments to use with each app in the Digicel ecosystem. That includes BiP, Billo, D’Music, GoLoud, Loop, PlayGo, and SportsMax, along with the self-service platform, MyDigicel app.