Digicel responds positively to OECS clarion call in COVID-19 Fight

Digicel has responded to a call from the OECS Commission to join the regional fight against COVID-19.

Digicel readily answered the call to action, recognizing the importance and needs of Member States of the OECS with a contribution of US$140, 000.

Director General of the OECS Commission said the OECS has been fortunate to have been spared the worst of the pandemic but cautions against falling into complacency.

The Digicel team willingly assisted the OECS to source additional resources by mobilizing its partners. This allowed the OECS Commission to establish a connection with a new PPE supplier that provides options for high-quality medical equipment and supplies. Digicel provided US$100, 000 to obtain the much-needed PPEs.

Digicel also granted an in-kind contribution of US$40, 000 to market educational content and messages through radio, television, and via Digicel’s SMS and social media platforms.

The content from OECS’ Education Development Management Unit (EDMU) includes support for parents/guardians, students, teachers and principals.