ECObiotix promises aggressive mold removal

The President and CEO of Ecobiotix, Ty Duggins says the persistent and pesky mold infestation which has impacted many public buildings in St. Lucia can be managed.

Mr. Duggins has been to St. Lucia on a few occasion and on his last visit engage the public and private sector on his eco-friendly product which he says can effectively deal with the mold infestation in St. Lucia.

His company ECObiotix LLC is an environmental solutions firm, dedicated to delivering an eco-friendly ‘food chain design’ response for minimizing and eliminating hazmat and industrial waste exposures.

Mold is a fungus that creates environmental and health problems for persons who occupy rooms where mold spores exist.

Mr. Duggins has met with officials of the Ministry of Education and is planning a return visit in December to advance discussions on how his product – ECObiotix can help eradicate mold. 

Mr. Duggins spoke with Calabash TV about his product its effect on mold. 

You can view the interview here