Economic Analysis of Cannabis Industry presented to Cabinet

The Cannabis Commission on June 15th 2020 presented to the Cabinet of Ministers the “Economic Analysis of the Regulation of the Cannabis Industry in Saint Lucia.”

The Commission was set up in July 2019 to review and make recommendations on the laws and regulations as it relates to cannabis/marijuana.

At Monday’s meeting Cabinet was guided by lead Minister on the issue, Minister for Commerce, Industry, Investment, Enterprise Development and Consumer Affairs, Bradly Felix, and the presentation began with an opening statement by Chairman of the Committee Mr. Michael Gordon QC.

The committee is made up of representatives from the Attorney General Chambers, Invest Saint Lucia, the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Equity, Cannabis Movement, Leader of the Opposition, National Youth Council, St. Lucia Christian Council and the Iyanola Council for the Advancement of Rastafari.

The in-depth presentation from the Committee provided background and context, arguments against and for regulatory reform, a review of the current landscape in Saint Lucia, alternative regulatory models, economic assessment, a cost benefit analysis and a Macro-economic impact assessment.

The discussion was described as a dynamic one between the Committee and Ministers. Cabinet has begun deliberations on the proposals of the Committee.