Emerson Nurse is in Martinique for medical treatment and needs your support

A dedicated and lifelong practitioner of the art form, Emerson’s contribution to the musical fraternity in Saint Lucia for over 5 decades, is beyond mentionable.

In keeping with the STAY AT HOME protocol in observance of COVID19, we, the family of Emerson Nurse, invite you to contribute to this urgent cause; by simply creating a video tribute – musical, lyrical or however the creative energy moves you.

Share on FaceBook and other social media platforms that you use, also inviting your friends to share. Guidelines: Either (a) Go LIVE with your tribute (b) Upload your creative video tribute or (c) Dedicate a video as your tribute.

Tag these two FaceBook pages – Entertainment Sound Productions and Empress Illa Kindly use the wording below with your post: A Song For Emerson Fundraiser for Immediate Emergency Medical Services for our Beloved Iconic Saint Lucian, Creole Jazz Specialist & Consummate Keyboardist, Emerson Nurse ”Let Us Help To Preserve Our Own”

For further information and account details kindly contact: entertainmentsoundproductions@ gmail.com or call / whatsapp +1 758 722 8919 or 716 8177

The family will create and upload the first video on 02 04 2020, Thursday 2 April at 11am. We realise it is short notice however we invite everyone to start their uploads from Friday 3 April if possible.