Entrepreneurial training is underway in Micoud

The Saint Lucia Youth Business Trust is elated to announce the official commencement of another cohort of the Youth Business International Entrepreneurial Training.

Under the theme of “Strengthening the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Caribbean Youth” facilitators Mr. Donovan Williams and Ms. Agnella Joseph kicked off the five week training programme with a total of 16 young entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 35 from the community of Micoud.

This training forms part of a regional project funded by the Caribbean Development Bank and is intended to provide young entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge necessary to create and sustain self- employment opportunities.

Participants will be instructed in the areas of Idea Generation, Resource Management, Brand Development, Finance Management and Strategic Management.

The inaugural session gave the budding entrepreneurs some insight on the programme; its objectives, structure and outcome. In the introductory activities, facilitators afforded participants the chance to better define and understand themselves as entrepreneurs.

They were able to further examine some of the characteristics that they already possess and ascertain how critical those characteristics are for their entrepreneurial journey as well as how they are able to put them into use in the different aspects of their businesses.