Export Saint Lucia and Compete Caribbean partner to revitalize honey industry

John Charlemagne – Horizon Brothers Honey Producers

St. Lucia has successfully secured funding for the continued development of the apiary industry in St. Lucia. This is expected to see improved standards in bee-keeping and greater production of honey, currently in big demand as a healthy alternative to sugar.

Saint Lucia’s Bee City Cluster will receive funding to increase production of honey used by various sectors including food and beverage, cosmetics and health and wellness. 

Honey is used in treatments from massages to facials and also as an additive to premium cosmetic brands. 

The by-products of honey production are also very valuable. Apitoxins and bee-venom are used in the treatment of many nerve-borne illnesses; flower pollen and royal jelly are used by men as aphrodisiacs; beeswax is used a lot by cosmetologists.

 In other words the apiary industry had great financial potential and Export Saint Lucia and the Ministry of Agriculture with assistance from Compete Caribbean have initiated a plan to develop and grow the industry.

John Charlemagne, a beekeeper from the Horizon Brothers Honey Producers says he is excited about the project, particularly the implementation of standards for honey producers.