Farmer’s Market in support of local economy

On Friday 31st July, the Taiwan Technical Mission, together with the Ministry of Agriculture, hosted its Farmer’s Market alongside the Rodney Bay main road, just opposite the Harbor Club Hotel.

With a total of seventeen farmers altogether, the event began at 9 am and lasted until 5 pm on that day.

Farmers offered a variety of goods for sale. Some of these goods included eggs, seedlings, flowering plants, herbs & seasonings, immune system boosters, spices, nuts & vegan snacks, cupcakes, flour & dried goods, cocoa sticks, fruits & vegetables, wines & other drinks, popsicles, natural skin & hair products, fruit smoothies, and marinade sauces.

It is hoped that at the end of the project, the Agricultural Regions will continue to showcase the farmers’ products to give a very welcomed outlet for the sale of their local goods.

The increase of farmer’s markets will create the ideal outlet for smaller producers to sell specialty items as well as other crops. This outlet will increase their disposable income while minimizing the number of imported goods sold at supermarkets.