Fostering collaboration and building productivity with Microsoft Teams.

How are you staying connected with your employees whilst working remotely?

We at J. E. Bergasse & Company have been using Microsoft Teams which has allowed us to not only stay connected, but collaborative.

COVID-19 has changed the way companies across the globe are working as more people practice social distancing. But before the pandemic disrupted our work patterns, Microsoft Teams was helping teams collaborate and increase productivity.

Teams provides instant access to the people, content, and tools your business needs to work more efficiently while being remote. Watch this quick tutorial video to see how you can help your employees connect and stay organized no matter where they are located. Want to know how Teams can help people thrive while working remotely? Let’s talk. Please feel free to contact our sales team with any questions via

Click here to watch this video to discover how you can empower your employees and foster collaboration while working remotely.