‘Frances Rub’ now available globally on Amazon

St. Lucian entrepreneur and producer of “Frances Rub” the pain relief balm, Frances Severin has broken into the global pharmaceutical industry by getting her product sold through Amazon.

After years of perfecting the product and multiple attempts to export regionally and internationally, Frances Rub has finally found its way into the global online shopping platform Amazon.com in the United States and Canada.

Severin recently celebrated successful entry into the Dominica market and now Frances Rub is available for shipping globally via Amazon.

Frances Rub is used to treat head and chest colds, clear stuffy nose, muscle stiffness, poor circulation and general aches & pain.

It is a menthol & nutmeg based natural cream rub touted to bring fast comfort and relief within minutes. The Menthol Cream has been developed from Traditional Ointment made by Severin great-grand parents.

The Frances Rub Pain Relief Balm of ‘Fixion’ consists of over twenty-five different ingredients including a mixture of local herbs, coconut oil, nutmeg, menthol oil, essential oils and soft- candle.

Users of this product highly recommend it for relieving head and chest colds, stuffy nose, Pain Relief, muscle stiffness, poor circulation and menstrual pains.

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