Garbage disposal problems in the south in focus

The St. Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority has been engaging businesses in the Vieux-Fort area through the Southern Business Association in tackling a garbage disposal problem there.

There’s been growing concern over the random disposal of garbage, one of the consequences of the closure of the Vieux-Fort landfill in October 2019.

All waste from the southern collection zone, the main site of the Vieux-Fort landfill – is now transported directly to the Deglos Landfill.

The business community was updated on the introduction of pyrolysis units, for the disposal of waste from the south. These units will be operated in strategic locations, closer to the various collection points, for greater efficiency.

With the closure of the VF landfill, the authority has stepped up its monitoring and enforcement teams, to curb and prosecute perpetrators of illegal dumping.

Source Loop St. Lucia