GET IN THE RING winner Gilland Avril now in Berlin

The winner of the St. Lucia leg of GET IN THE RING, Gilland Avril is now in Berlin Germany representing St. Lucia at the Global Meet Up.

Gilland Avril is the creator of an Augmented Reality App called PEEK-A-BOO.  

The GET IN THE RING 2019 winner, Gilland Avril says the Augmented Reality App, called Peek-a-boo integrates physical content with a digital environment live and in real time.

It is designed for marketing and promotions companies. Anyone with a smart phone can point it at a company’s or organisation’s artwork anywhere in public – and that will allow access to an online site with information such as offers, special discounts and information.

Gilland Avril is accompanied by representatives from the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce and the Judging Panel for this year’s GET IN THE RING St. Lucia leg.