Government moving to address the housing shortage in St. Lucia

In 2018, Government took the policy decision to enter into Public Private Partners with local contractors to help create business opportunities whilst addressing the shortage of housing in Saint Lucia.

To begin the process, a few weeks later Housing Minister Hon. Guy Joseph hosted the first ever Housing Conference, bringing together local construction firms and stakeholders to discuss the new collaboration.

At this conference, local businesses were presented with 11 sites around the island which the National Housing Corporation along with the Government have earmarked for national housing projects. These sites include Choc, La Clery, Rockhall, Talvern, Belair, Bois Jolie, Anse Ger, La Ressource, River Doree and Canaries.

Under this policy, local construction companies would be supported by the Government by providing access to the land, duty free concessions, administrative support and other forms of incentives provided for under the act. The developer in turn would bare the financial cost for putting in the relevant infrastructure and construction of the homes.

In late May government broke ground for the commencement of a project which was first announced in 2003, the Choc Housing Development. This development will deliver 250 lots for residential and commercial purposes.

Should you be interested please contact the National Housing Corporation for more details. Here is an artist rendering of the Choc housing estate