Gros Islet Waterfront Redevelopment Project about to Commence

Parliamentary Representative for Gros Islet Lenard Spider Montoute has announced the commencement of the Gros Islet Waterfront Redevelopment Project.

Phase one includes the Pedestrianization of the Gros Islet Waterfront which has already been approved and ensures safety while also encouraging the expansion of commercial activity on the waterfront.

Phase Two will see the repairing and expansion of the Gros Islet Jetty allowing for the berthing of small and medium sized boats and yachts.

Another component of this project is the establishment of a Public Park in the area known as Pigeon Point South.

This project beautifully ties in with the Gros Islet Village Tourism project which involves the uplifting of public spaces, construction of new public facilities along with the improvement to the facades of residential homes in and around the waterfront.

Under the Village Tourism concept, community entrepreneurs will also be offered duty free concessions, tax incentives along with administrative support to establish new businesses such as bars, restaurants, guest houses, water sports and other entrepreneurial ventures.