Honduras declares food production and agro-industry a national priority

The President of Honduras Juan Orlando Hernández has declared support for the food production sector and agroindustry declared a national priority.

The declaration, issued by means of a decree signed by the President and endorsed by the Council of Ministers of Honduras, seeks to guarantee food security in the Central American nation. IICA has expressed its support for the initiative.

“We will make use of the best knowledge, the best technology and the best practices available.

This is a valuable opportunity for our heroes in the countryside, who put food on the tables of all Honduran families”, remarked Mauricio Guevara, Secretary of Agriculture and Livestock of Honduras.

This historic declaration seeks to address the challenges brought on by the Covid-19 crisis. Specifically, Decree No. 030-2020 establishes important measures aimed at guaranteeing the Central American country’s sovereignty and food security.

The executive branch decree will guide the efforts of the agroindustrial food sector, the financial sector, the transportation sector and all other relevant sectors to ensure that Honduras has an adequate food supply to overcome the emergency situation in the country.