HRWise workshop improving competences of recruiting managers March 18th/19th

HRWise presents “Effective Recruitment and Onboarding”, a two-day workshop aimed at improving the competences of recruiting managers.

Maximizing the potential of an organization’s human capital is critical to its overall success. Key to this is the careful recruitment, selection and onboarding of employees. Great recruitment decisions result in the right fit and contribute to high levels of employee engagement and performance.

HRWise believes poor recruitment decisions cost organizations significant amounts in time, training, poor performance, low employee engagement, discipline among others.

The two-day workshop is designed for supervisors, managers, heads of departments, human resource officers, human resource managers, entrepreneurs or anyone with responsibility for recruiting or managing people.

It is scheduled for the Pastoral Center, Marisule, Gros-Islet from 18th – 19th March 2020 To register