It’s now Jannou Credit Union

The Saint Lucia Civil Services Co-operative Credit Union has been rebranded and renamed Jannou Credit Union. 

It’s the culmination of a process started two years ago under the guidance of a Consultant at Accela Marketing with expertise in Brand Metamorphosis.

What followed was over sixteen months of intensive research, committee meetings, member engagement meetings and board meetings as well as a Rebranding Retreat comprising a sample of Board Members, Management, Staff and Members.

Great effort was taken to ensure members voluntarily participated in the most important component, which was the Research. A total of eight focus group discussions were conducted with internal and external stakeholders.  

The Folk Research Centre was consulted regarding the new name, “Jan Nou” which was then creatively adapted to the more modern corporate title of “Jannou”. The new name and the new tagline, “Together We Can Move Mountains”, was then put up for vote and it won resoundingly. 

It was announced that the Jannou Credit Union will be providing Small Business Loans, ATM services, Online Banking and eWallets in 2020.