J.E. Bergasse: Digital Transformation Week!

Over 2 dozen of St. Lucian business executives got a full appreciation of the digital framework that drives the future office, and how it can positively impact productivity, security and profitability during the Digital Transformation Week of brunch held late August.

J.E. Bergasse & Company Ltd on Monday August 19th to Thursday August 22nd demonstrated how the shift in doing work in the modern world will impact main sectors healthcare, finance, legal & tourism and the a new generation of workplace assistants that will revolutionise how tasks related to printing, copying, scanning, sharing, managing and storing of documents are performed. J.

 E. Bergasse,

The events which were held at the company’s Conference & Equipment Showcase Facility in Vide Bouteille took the format of 4 brunch and learn sessions and provided guests with the experience of a solutions technology conversation & demonstration, making the event truly interactive. The J.E. Bergasse Equipment & Solutions Sales Team demonstrated the capabilities & usage of using 7 of the apps from Xerox’s App Gallery as well as Ysoft – a print management solution; whilst elaborating on the reasons, opportunities, and benefits of embracing Digital Transformation.

Two of the apps demonstrated were the Xerox Easy Translator App, which can instantly translate documents fed through the scanner into more than forty (40) language, as well as Audio Documents which converted text to speech. 

The feedback overall was very positive and the participants were enthralled and excited about the implementation and enhancement of Digital Transformation in their businesses. 

J. E. Bergasse is the leading supplier in Saint Lucia of office and production equipment, stationery and supplies, as well as cutting edge business solutions & software. For more information on The Digital Transformation Framework please contact J.E. Bergasse & Company Ltd. via email at sales@jebergasse.com or (758) 456-6500/44.