Jacqueline Massiah-Simeon heads CIWiL St. Lucia National Chapter

The Caribbean Women in Leadership (CIWiL) congratulates the recently elected CIWiL Saint Lucia National Chapter Executive Committee established on 8 December, 2020.

In congratulating the national chapter, CIWiL’s Regional Board Coordinator, Nana Oye Hesse-Bayne stated that she was “looking forward to great things from the chapter as they were one of the few countries to have actively engaged CIWiL to have a local chapter established.”

The following women were elected to the CIWiL Saint Lucia National Chapter Executive Committee:

3⁄4 Jacqueline Massiah-Simeon Chairperson, 3⁄4 Paula Popo Vice Chairperson, 3⁄4 Caron Tobiere Secretary/ Coordinator, 3⁄4 Virginia Albert Poyotte Treasurer and 3⁄4 Maria Fontenelle Public Relations Officer.

Accepting the post of CIWiL SLU Chair, Massiah-Simeon noted, “This organisation, this cause, is essential. We urge women from every walk of life to add their voice to advancing gender equality in leadership and decision making.”